USPV News: Journal from Dom. Republic - DAY 3

USPV News: Journal from Dom. Republic - DAY 3

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Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Todays schedule is the same as yesterday and will probably remain the
same for the rest of the trip.  We start with a 7:00am breakfast,
followed by a 9:00am 11:30am morning practice.  Lunch is typically
between 12:00pm and 12:30pm.  Each match will take place at 4:00pm.
Dinner is at 7:00pm.  The routine may seem pretty simple, the days can
get long.  Its another beautiful day here, without a cloud in the sky.

The team looks tired this morning.  I think going five games last night
took a lot out of them.  Its been awhile since we last played an
official match like that.  Morning practive takes place with the
Dominican team.  They have only one court, so we have about an hour
alone on one side of the net and then we scrimmage until the end of

Last nights match made the news in the local paper.  Although the
articles are in Spanish, they dedicate a lot of space to the story and
include pictures.  I have copies and will bring them home, but we will
need to have them translated!!

Here are the results from tonights match:

USPV    Dominican Republic
23            25
15            25
18            25

Lindsay Anderson (61 OH) seems to have strained her ankle while she
was serving.  She must have stepped wrong.  Thats about all for today
 tune in tomorrow!!

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