Volleyball in Austin, New site needs your slang and stories

Volleyball in Austin, New site needs your slang and stories

Post by Mike Wabscha » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Please read thoroughly :?)....

I am (as it said above) creating a new volleyball web site.  It looks very
good so far and I hope that the surfing volleyball community will enjoy it.  
The main goals of this site is to give newcomers to the sport an understanding
on how the game is played; to list areas around Austin where one can play
volleyball (hardcourt or beach); to explain the skills and tricks of
volleyball so that a novice watching (say Nebraska vs. the wonderful Lady
Longhorns) a volleyball game can understand the entricacies- providing
appreciation for the sport; to list various shops in Austin that carry
volleyball gear and to list volleyball suppliers that exist on the Web.  I
would also like to create a sort of community through my page that would help
Austinites and hopefully everyone to get hooked on volleyball.

So what can you do?  Well, those are my main goals above.  If you can help me
acheive them, it would be great!

How to do so...

Please send me any jargon/slang that you know for volleyball (e.g. ROOF!).
        *If I have never heard the term before and it is legit, I will more
than likely post your name by it. (Sorry, I can't promise anything at this

If you know of a store in Austin that sells clothing, equipment, etc...please
send me their name (address and Phone #s are appreciated too).

If you know of a supplier on the Web, please send it along with URL.

If you are involved in officiating in Austin, I would like to talk to you via
email or which ever communication tech you prefer.  I need full information on
how one can become an official here in Austin and where one should turn for an
officating job.

THIS IS ALL I ASK:   hehehe :?)

If you think you can help me with some information, please send it along...no
matter how insignificant you may think it is.  I will, and this I can promise,
will email you when the web site is up (approx. Dec13) and I'll let you know
how you helped me.

I appreciate everything you can do...I think together we can make this site
really good.



Volleyball in Austin, New site needs your slang and stories

Post by Rolly Wayne Keena » Wed, 04 Dec 1996 04:00:00

gaff - a bad set

motorcycle-dig - a dig made with one hand, diving, with the***closed
and the palm facing downward.. brought up by using a motorcycle throttle

underhand tomahawk - using an overhand dig when the ball is below your

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