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DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. - Top-seeded Lisa Arce and Holly McPeak
captured their third-straight Evian Women's Pro Beach Volleyball
Tour event here Sunday (April 20) by winning the $50,000 WPVA
Deerfield Beach Open.

Arce and McPeak, who won the last Evian Tour event in 1996 along
with the 1997 season opener April 6 in Miami Beach, Fla., was the
only team among the top four seeds to survive the "upset" bug this
weekend as the double-elimination tournament featured 17 seed

Winners of five of the last six Evian Tour events, Arce and McPeak
defeated seventh-seeded Gail Castro and Gayle Stammer 15-x in the
championship match to share the $11,000 first-place prize.  Castro
and Stammer, who scored three upset wins this weekend, split $8,100
for second.

The win was the 41st in McPeak's career, including 18 on the Evian
Tour.  All seven of Arce's professional beach volleyball titles
have been with McPeak, who finished fifth with Reno at the 1996
Atlanta Olympic Games.

Castro, who finished ninth at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games with
Deb Richardson, was competing in her first title match since 1994
when she finished second in July with Elaine Roque and Pismo Beach,
Calif.  Stammer's last title match was last June at Ocean City, Md.
with Janice Harrer.

In the third-place match, sixth-seeded Danalee Bragado and
Christine Schaefer scored a 15-3 win over fifth-seeded Elaine Roque
and Dennie Shupryt-Knoop.  The win netted Bragado/Schaefer $5,700
while Roque and Knoop split $4,100.  Arce and McPeak advanced to
the finals with a 15-5 win over Bragado and Schaefer while Castro
and Stammer outlasted Roque and Shupryt-Knoop 15-11.

Second-seeded Barbra Fontana and Linda Hanley, third-seeded Karolyn
Kirby and Nancy Reno and fourth-seeded Karrie Poppinga and Angela
Rock were eliminated earlier Sunday.  Kirby and Reno finished fifth
after being eliminated 15-12 to Roque and Knoop.

The tandems of Fontana/Hanley and Poppinga/Rock tied for ninth.
Fontana and Hanley were eliminated 15-12 by Kirby and Reno while
11th-seeded Linda Chisholm and Deb Richardson ousted Poppinga and
Rock 15-4.  Chisholm and Richardson finished tied for fifth.

The seventh-place finishers at the WPVA Deerfield Beach Open also
posted career best placements.  Evian Tour rookies Annette Davis
and Jenny Johnson, who had to qualify for this weekend's event as
the 36th-seeded team, were eliminated 15-7 by Chisholm and
Richardson.  Also finished seventh were 14th-seeded Valinda
Hilleary and Beth Schuler were ousted 15-8 by Kirby and Reno.

Echo Entertainment of Encino, Calif., covered the WPVA Deerfield
Beach Open for distribution via the FOX Sports affiliates
throughout the United States.

The Evian Tour concludes its Florida swing with the inaugural
***genics Open May 8-11 at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex.
The ***genics Open starts with qualifying rounds at 1 p.m. (EDT),
May 8 to determine the final four berths in the 32-team main draw.
Competition in the double-elimination main draw starts at 9 a.m.,
May 9.

The championship finals are set for at 2 p.m., May 11 with ABC
Sports providing same-day coverage of the title match at 5 p.m.
There is an $8 charge for general admission to Disney's Wide World
of Sports complex as play will be held on three courts.  Fans can
call 1-800-393-WPVA for more information on the Evian Tour.

DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. - Here are Sunday's (April 20) results from
the third annual WPVA Deerfield Beach Open at the Deerfield Beach
International Fishing Pier:

Contender's Bracket, fourth-round (losers eliminated, tie for
ninth, split $1,575) - Linda Chisholm, Van Nuys, Calif./Deb
Richardson, Minneapolis, Minn. (11th-seeded) def. Karrie Poppinga,
Mililani, Hi./Angela Rock, Leucadia, Calif. (4), 15-4; Annette
Davis, Tarzana, Calif./Jenny Johnson, Sherman Oaks, Calif. (36)
def. Krista Blomquist, Branford, Conn./Cammy Ciarelli, Huntington
Beach, Calif. (8), 16-14; Karolyn Kirby, Brookline, Mass./Nancy
Reno, Glenn Ellyn, Ill. (3) def. Barbra Fontana, Manhattan Beach,
Calif./Linda Hanley, Pacific Palisades, Calif. (2), 15-12; Valinda
Hilleary, Littleton, Colo./Beth Schuler, Southfield, Mich. (14)
def. Lynda Johnson, Gresham, Ore./Jeanne Reeves, San Diego, Calif.
(21), 15-11.  Championship Bracket, semi-finals (winner's advance
to Olympic Crossing semi-finals) - Lisa Arce, Manhattan Beach,
Calif./Holly McPeak, Manhattan Beach, Calif. (1) def. Elaine Roque,
Malibu, Calif./Dennie Shupryt-Knoop, Chicago, Ill. (5), 15-6; Gail
Castro, Cardiff by the Sea, Calif./Gayle Stammer, San Antonio, Tex.
(7) def. Danalee Bragado, Honolulu, Calif./Christine Schaefer,
Florence, Ky. (6), 15-11.  Contender's Bracket, fifth-round -
(losers eliminated, tie for seventh, split $2,375) -
Chisholm/Richardson def. Davis/J. Johnson, 15-7; Kirby/Reno def.
Hilleary/Schuler, 15-8.  Contender's Bracket, sixth-round (losers
eliminated, tie for fifth, split $3,000) - Bragado/Schaefer def.
Chisholm/Richardson, 15-9; Roque/Shupryt-Knoop def. Kirby/Reno, 15-
12.  Olympic Crossing semi-finals - Arce/McPeak def.
Bragado/Schaefer, 15-5; Castro/Stammer def. Roque/Shupryt-Knoop,
15-11.  Olympic Crossing consolation (winners place third, split
$5,700, losers place fourth, split $4,100) - Bragado/Schaefer def.
Roque/Shupryt-Knoop, 15-3.  Olympic Crossing championship -
(winners place first, split $11,000; losers place second, split
$8,100) - Arce/McPeak vs. Castro/Stammer.

                              TOURNAMENT SUMMARY

RANK  TEAM (overall seed; q=qualifying seed)        W-L POINTS     MONEY
 1st  Lisa Arce\Holly McPeak (1)                    6-0     80   $11,000
 2nd  Gail Castro\Gayle Stammer (7)                 5-1     72    $8,100
 3rd  Danalee Bragado\Christine Schaefer (6)        5-1     64    $5,700
 4th  Elaine Roque\Dennie Shupryt-Knoop (5)         4-3     56    $4,100
 5th  Linda Chisholm\Deb Richardson (11)            5-2     48    $3,000
      Karolyn Kirby\Nancy Reno (4)                  5-2     48    $3,000
 7th  Annette Davis\Jenny Johnson (36, 8)           4-2     40    $2,375
      Valinda Hilleary\Beth Schuler (14)            3-2     40    $2,375
 9th  Karrie Poppinga\Angela Rock (4)               2-2     32    $1,575
      Krista Blomquist\Cammy Ciarelli (8)           2-2     32    $1,575
      Barbra Fontana\Linda Hanley (2)               2-2     32    $1,575
      Lynda Johnson\Jeanne Reeves (21)              2-2     32    $1,575
13th  Erin Borske\Christine Rehor-Federico (30)     2-2     24    $1,013
      Pat Keller\Marla O'Hara (10)                  2-2     24    $1,013
      Wendy Fletcher\Ali Wood (9)                   2-2     24    $1,013
      Jennifer Meredith\Monique Oliver (20)         2-2     24    $1,013
17th  Valerie Duringer\Lynda Street (32)            1-2     16
      Anna Franca\Michelle Morse (24)               1-2     16
      Julie James\Jeanette Kollasch (28)            0-2     16
      Marsha Miller\Darina Staneva (15)             1-2     16
      Evelyn Conley\Erin Deiters (16)               1-2     16
      Alicia Chung\Shaney Fink (22)                 1-2     16
      Michal Clingman\Gina Pillitiere (23)          1-2     16
      Liz Pagano\Kristen Schritter (18)             1-2     16
25th  Rhonda Kottke\Veronica Sanchez (17)           0-2      8
      Stacy Kammes\Amy Peistrup-Matthews (25)       0-2      8
      Nancy Mason\Leanne Schuster (13)              0-2      8
      Mary Baily\Helen Reale (19)                   0-2      8
      Julie Sprague\Shana Wilson (27)               0-2      8
      Lucy Han\Maggie Philgence (26)                0-2      8
      Luciana Louriero\Tammy Paiement (31)          0-2      8



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The final score of the championship match was 15-9 with Arce/McPeak
downing Castro/Stammer.