Attention Volleyball Coaches

Attention Volleyball Coaches

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Attention Volleyball Coaches

I found this story while surfing the net
  - thought this might interest you.



The Claim:

A man who became paralyzed after attempting to jump a volleyball net won $18

The Truth:

The above account of this 1988 incident neglects to mention the serious
breach of duty on the part of the victim's school.

On April 12, members of the Richmond Hill High School volleyball team
assembled for practice in the gym. The coach of the team then departed,
leaving the youngsters unsupervised for a length of time -- a violation of
his responsibilities. While the coach was away, the boys lowered the
volleyball net and started jumping over it.

Jose Barretto, a member of the team, attempted to leap the net. However, his
jump was unsuccessful. His neck was broke upon contact with the gym floor,
paralyzing him from the neck down.

The jury, noting the school's breach of its duty to supervise the boys,
found the school district responsible for this tragedy. Damages were set at
$19 million.

Cite: "$19 Million Award in School Injury Case," The New York Times, Oct. 9,
1994, at A51.