question about outdoor volleyballs

question about outdoor volleyballs

Post by Jim Basa » Wed, 14 Aug 1991 05:28:56

I was wondering about the differences between beach volleyballs (ie AVP,
Top Flite, etc.) and those advertised as grass balls.  Here in Washington,
I play alot of grass tournies and it appears that the beach balls aren't
holding up very well.  My last AVP lasted only one all-day tournament before
it was shaped like an egg.  Although Spalding has been extremely cooperative
about replacing the ball, I wonder if I'm using the beach balls in conditions
for which they were not meant.

My questions therefore are:

Am I an idiot for using these balls on grass?

What balls are more suited for the harder surfaces?

What are the playing differences between grass balls and beach balls?

Any other comments would also be appreciated.


jim basara

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