Show Ski School in Michigan

Show Ski School in Michigan

Post by Michael Bal » Tue, 13 May 1997 04:00:00

Attention all Show Skiers

We have Betty Bonifay and Geno Yauchler coming to Michigan the first
week of June. They will be conducting classes in various aspects of show
water skiing. The Show Ski School is supported by a NSSA grant.

Geno skis at Cyprus Gardens and is a Cafe De Columbia Pro Tour in
wakeboard and is a world-class freestyle jumper. He holds a world record
for 1,416 consecutive flips in an Air Chair. He'll be teaching
Wakeboard, Air Chair, Freestyle Jump, barefoot, slalom, and doubles.

Betty is a show skiing legend. She has performed at Cyprus Gardens for
more than 20 years, and was one of the first women to perform on a 360
swivel ski. She will be teaching swivel, doubles, ballet, pyramids and
other aspects of skow skiing and showmanship.

The school is open to all AWSA members, and is aimed at skiers
throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. All sessions will be
held at Whitmore Lake, just North of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Lodging is
available nearby.

For details, contact Mike Ball