Worlds Results

Worlds Results

Post by Colin Fult » Wed, 15 Sep 1993 12:38:55

Results of the 1993 World Championships which finished here in Singapore on

Slalom - Men

Tricks - Men
1. Tory Baggiano (USA) 9,800 pts.
2. Patrice Martin (France) 9,650pts.
3. Andrea Alessi (Italy) 8,820

Jump - Men
1. Andrea Alessi (Italy) 60.6m.
2. John Levingston (Australia) 59.2m.
3. Jim Clunie (Canada) 58.7m.

Overall - Men
1. Patrice Martin 2,834.8  (The only skier in all 3 finals)
2. Andrea Alessi 2,751.7
3. Oleg Devyatoski (Russia) 2,542.5

Slalom - Women

Tricks - Women
1. Britt Larsen (USA) 7,770 pts.
2. Nataly Rumiantseva (Russia) 7,370 pts.
3. Frederique Savin (France) 6,970 pts.

Jump - Women
1. Kim de Macedo (Canada) 41.9m.
2. Britta Grebe (Austria) 41.3m.
3. Toni Neville (Australia) 41.2m.

Overall - Women
1. Nataly Rumiantseva (Russia) 2,678
2. Kim de Macedo 2,653.9
3. Judy Messer (Canada) 2,601.8

Overall - Team
1. Canada 8,008.6
2. USA 8,006.6
3. France 7,828.8

* Conversion 12m. = 35' off, 11.25m. = 38'off

* Conditions were excellent for all the finals esp. jumping.  Most skiers
were very happy with the venue (Phew!)

* Patrice Martin deleted the first trick from his second pass (a 720 wake
something) because he needed "only" 9,800 points to win.  But he screwed up
his final trick and lost first place but was a clear winner in the overall.

* Canada's repeat of the overall team win was something of a surprise since
France was leading handily half way through the final day.  Most credit to
Kim de Macedo who came into the team as a reserve due to Kreg Llewellyn's

* It was very apparent that the Europeans are better all-round skiers (men &
women).  The American's, Canadians and Australians all had at least one weak
event. (e.g. Kristi Overton - jump, Sherri Slone - slalom, Brett Thurley -
tricks, etc.)

* Slalom scores were well below record levels but conditions looked good -
smooth water, Ski Nautique.  The salt water may be a factor.  Some of the
top slalom skiers (Andy Mapple, Mike Kjellander, Kris Lapoint) took un-
expected falls in the final, through lack of concentration IMHO.

It was a great tournament, I hope to get a chance to see another some day.

I have full results if anyone is interested in how a particular skier or
team fared.

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