I became a boating statistic today...

I became a boating statistic today...

Post by Bob Peb » Mon, 12 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I became a boating statistic today.  Luckily, a non-fatal statistic.  We
were skiing at a local lake when a Waverunner, oblivious to traffic,
took off out of a pack and broadsided my boat.  I am very lucky.  I'm
lucky I was able to veer and avoid a more direct collision.  I'm lucky
my 4 year old nephew, who was closest to the point of impact, wasn't
thrown from the boat.  The same goes for my other 2 nephew's and their
friend. I'm lucky my 9 month pregnant wife wasn't on board.  I'm lucky
that Donzi makes one heck of a hull and that my boat isn't on the bottom
of the lake.  I'm lucky there were no injuries on my boat.  The
Waverunner driver is lucky to be alive with relatively minor injuries.
She's lucky that everybody stayed calm and was quickly able to get her
on the swim platform and to an ambulance.

The **2 day old** Waverunner is probably totalled.  My boat took roughly
$1500 of damage to the hull.  They are replaceable & repairable,
people aren't.  Wear your lifejackets.  Take a safe boating course.
Know in advance how you would get an injured person out of the water
into your boat.  Know your craft before venturing out on a crowded
public waterway on a busy weekend.



I became a boating statistic today...

Post by Barefoo » Thu, 15 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Well Said.