Post by Skip Gundlac » Wed, 10 Jan 2001 23:28:30

Getting it out of the leader-board wars, and just wondering:

Does NOS (New, Old Stock) get any significant discount?  Surely, it must, as
a 1-2-3 year old boat, regardless of the hours on it, is significantly less
valuable than the price one pays off the showroom.

That, plus some of the innovations which actually *do* affect performance,
should suggest a marked difference in pricing.  And, like the auto dealers,
one wonders if there is factory participation in that pricing (end-of-year
leftovers get heavy factory help in the auto world)...

And, if (supposedly, any way) every mfg sells all it produces and there are
waiting lines, one must wonder how there got to be 'leftovers' *anywhere*...

So, back to the story, at what price differential do they sell, assuming
they *do* sell?