<<WakeBoard Advice: Beginners!!>>>

<<WakeBoard Advice: Beginners!!>>>

Post by RAZORBLA » Sat, 20 May 1995 04:00:00

I recently posted a message asking for advice on getting up on a wakeboard
and how to use it.  Someone sent this message below and I'd swear by this
info.  I did exactly like the notes say and got up my first try.  Hope it
will help you too.
Here are some deepwater start instructions somebody posted last year.
They worked for me, and for a bunch of my friends.

Do this (failure to do ANY of the following will probablly result in

* Insure that you are comfortable with whatever foot you placed forward.
have taught several people to wakeboard, and sometimes just switching feet
is all that is needed.)

* Place your arms ON EACH SIDE of your front knee.  Your weight should be
about 60% forward on the board.  Remember to place more than 1/2 of your
weight on the front foot when getting up. Shift your weight to the back
foot only after you have sucessfully gotten up.

* Squat down as much as you can.  It is MUCH EASIER to swing to an upright
position when you are close to the board.

* Keep the board on it's side while in the water.  Relax and let the boat
cause the board to swing around into the forward position.  Do NOT attempt
to stop the board from swinging around, or do not help it swing around
either -- just go with the flow.

* DO NOT go too fast.  Somone said in an eariler post to "give him full
throttle until he's up" or somthing like that.  THIS IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST
PROBLEM that people (especially large people) have when getting up.  DO
NOT GO TO FAST!  If he has a problem getting up, TRY GOING SLOWER!

* Try using a shorter rope, attached to a ski pylon if possible.  For some
reason I have very good luck getting stubborn newbees up on a VERY short
rope (say 20' behind the boat).  I tried this because I noticed the rope
flipping up and down alot with newbees.  The short rope eliminated this.
I always wakeboard on a somewhat shorter rope -- makes wakejumping more