(Press Release) New 1997 Nautiques By Correct Craft

(Press Release) New 1997 Nautiques By Correct Craft

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AUGUST, 1996
                                1997 NAUTIQUES

ORLANDO, FL   The 1997 Correct Craft line of Nautiques offers something for everyone.  The epitome
of inboard tournament ski towboats, the renowned SKI NAUTIQUE, once again, will lead the industry
with its unequalled and extraordinary new hull design.  The Correct Craft design and engineering team,
through countless hours of research and testing and the efforts of their counterparts in manufacturing
craftsmanship, have created Total Surface Control (TSC), propelling Ski Nautique light years ahead of
its competition.

TSC in the ingenious method of moving water over the wetted surface of the hull in the most efficient
manner conceivable.  This TSC-designed hull yields a quieter, smoother, easier ride; more precise
tracking and stability; and most importantly, a re-directed wake, effectively re-designing the No Wake
Zone.  Improving on its already famous spray relief pockets, reversing the chine, recessing the fin
mounts, together with streamlining the bow, tapering the transom and creating a keel relief pocket;
plus, changing the strut-degree, initiating a progressive pitch, 4-bladed propeller assembled using Laser
Alignment technology, evolves the hull design which sets a new industry standard.  The innovative
changes also reduce the size of the roostertail and eliminate the crashing effect behind the boat.  Pro
waterskiers have expressed awe at the "easy" "soft" pull, which they claim will benefit beginners and
novice skiers as well.  Ski it for yourself!

The 1997 Ski Nautique Open Bow is the Ski Nautique bowrider providing room for up to two additional
passengers together with the exceptional TSC benefits.  Ski the 21st Century, today!

The Ski Nautique 176 is the introductory-level model of the renowned Ski Nautique.  Two feet shorter
and less some of the luxuries of the Ski Nautique, the price of $18,500. at participating dealers, provides
an opportunity to become the owner of a Nautique and reap its many value-added benefits.  Owning a
Nautique is not just owning a boat, it's a lifestyle.  Nautiques are known for their reliability and
dependability that contribute to their increased salability and value over the years, making the Ski
Nautique 176 a great investment.

The Sport Nautique is the bowrider/runabout which allows seating for up to two persons in the bow
section.  The playpen-bow design was originated by Correct Craft.  The new 1997 Sport Nautique has
improved on the concept by developing a removable floor section and removable cushion which,
removing both creates a footwell and gives the passenger(s) a choice for their seating comfort.  This
has been achieved without sacrificing the integrity of the helm or valuable storage space.  A new folding
loveseat extension provides added seating comfort for passengers.

In addition to its family/friend-oriented bowrider attributes, the Sport Nautique enjoys a reputation for
having the most desirable wake for pulling towables, and more notably, wakeboarders.  The unique
Sport Nautique wake enables  wakeboarders to accomplish "big air" maneuvers.  In fact, the Sport
Nautique is the towboat of choice by most professional wakeboarders.  

 The Sport Nautique was the Official Towboat for the 1995 and 1996 World Wakeboard Championships
and the 1994, 1995, 1996 Masters and 1996 Junior Masters Wakeboard Tournaments.  It should be
noted that wakeboarding has become the fastest growing watersport in the world.  The Sport Nautique
is second to none, and is clearly the wave of the future.

Rounding out the 1997 selection of Nautiques by Correct Craft is the Nautique Super Sport.  Last, but
far from least, the Nautique Super Sport is the pinnacle of family boating and towing fun.  This luxury
open-bowed runabout has comfortable amenities to accommodate up to nine passengers with a
convenient walk-thru to the bow area.  Storage space abounds in the Super Sport with plenty of room
for equipment and refreshments to handle a full day of fun and adventure.  It is astounding the amount
of gear that can fit into this boat.

NEW in the 1997 Super Sport is a wraparound windshield for improved visibility and sleek styling, as
well as new interior and exterior graphics.  Without sacrificing the integrity of the helm or valuable
storage space, Correct Craft created a removable bow cushion to provide a footwell when desired.
A new ergonomically-designed seat is constructed of the highest quality marine vinyl and provides
superior support, while the use of HR70 foam biocide treatment and UBR stabilizers work together
to prevent mildew, deterioration and fading.  The removable dash pod, within easy reach of the driver,
offers an unobstructed view of the state-of-the-art instrumentation --all of which carry a 3-year warranty.  
Also new in the 1997 Nautiques is the ingenious progressive pitch, 4-bladed propeller for optimum
acceleration.  The driver will notice smoother acceleration moving from a still position to open throttle.

The 1997 Nautique Super Sport continues to benefit from the company's unparalleled tenet for insisting
on using only the finest materials and cutting-edge manufacturing technology in its construction.  From
the thickness of its gel coat application (almost 30% more than any competitor's) and its 100% use of
AME 5000 marine resin to the exceptional and exclusive integrated composite stringer system (ICS) that
produces superior hull strength, Nautiques possess unequalled quality.  Over 70 years of time-tested
craftsmanship and its insistence upon using only the finest materials and methods available, keep Correct
 Craft at the forefront of the towboat industry and results in achieving the renowned Correct Craft smooth,
 solid ride.  

As further testimony to its extraordinary quality, AVEMCO Insurance Co., a leader in aviation and marine
industry insurance, has bestowed upon Correct Craft its coveted Preferred Boatbuilder status.  This
preferred insurance rating was given, after thorough investigation by Avemco, because of the superior
construction materials and workmanship in every Nautique.  The preferred, and exclusive, rating allows
any Correct Craft boat owner AVEMCO insurance at a discount.  No other towboat manufacturer can
make that claim.

An added value when purchasing any Nautique by Correct Craft, is eligibility for membership in the
Nautique Owner Association (NOA).  NOA members receive NOA-exclusive apparel, discounts on many
Fashion Nautique clothing and accessories, discounts to various events, tournaments, etc.  Upon
 joining NOA, members receive a free NOA tee-shirt, NOA cap, NOA decals, patch, identification card
and a frameable certificate of membership.  A quarterly Newsletter keeps association members
a*** of each others doings.  Formed in 1995, NOA membership has grown to nearly 1,000.  Annual
Boat Owners Reunions are held annually at the four Sea World Theme Parks around the country.