Opinions - Extended Pylons ...

Opinions - Extended Pylons ...

Post by m.. » Fri, 26 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Looking for opinions on which is the best tall boom to purchase.
have seen the wakeworld table,  but looking for recomendations and
things to look out for when choosing a pylon.  

Accesories/Options desired.
- 2 piece (storable in ski-locker when not in use, tho not likely
that it won't be used).
- prefer place to tie ski-rope while up, ala slalom or tubing.
- prefer co-exist with barefoot boom.
- no tools required to install.
- mfg, carries manufactures insurace. (just nice to know they care
and piece of mind)
- 'trakker' video system mounts on top.

Current understandings:

Skylon - First out to market, Built by ECI who has been around along
time.  8 Foot high, 2 section, new one has ski eye.  Can't use at
same time as Barefoot International boom, skylon slips down too far.
Easy to install.

10-Foot Pole - Not really 10foot high, more like 7 1/2 feet high.  
Carries insurance, Good reputation amongst users/turnaments.  One and
two piece versions, aluminium.  Does that extra 1/2 a foot shorter
make a difference? -acutally need more information on
this one.  :Always get an answering machine when trying to call em.

Air-Boom - polished aluminum, 2 strap system that looks like more
support would be given when cutting, pulling up at a slight angle
with two straps runnng over the bow.  However these strapps look like
they might be extremely difficult to adjust evenly.   -acutally need
more information on
this one.  :Always get an answering machine when trying to call em.

Fly High - basically an exact duplicate of the skylon with a ski-ring
added before, skylon decided to.  Also instead of a single cable
running from the top of the pole to the bow-harness, there are two
cables.  Intended as a backup/more reliable system.  Carries the
mfgs insurance.  


Comments/Ideas/Horror Stories/Recomendations Appreciated.

note:*also posted on wakeboard mailing list*