Waterskiing in Seattle?

Waterskiing in Seattle?

Post by Scot » Fri, 01 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I'm considering accepting a job in seattle, and was wondering if theres much
competitive waterskiing (slalom, trick) in the area.  Are there any good
clubs?  Are there many tournaments?  How long is the season?


Scott Durham
Team Captain, Texas A&M Waterski Team


Waterskiing in Seattle?

Post by GoBi » Fri, 01 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Not so much in the trick category, but there's quite a bit in slalom.  The
International Novice (INT) League holds a series of tournaments (I think
it's 8-10 stops) from May-Sept at different cities around the Pacific
Northwest.  There are also a few other sporadic organizations that hold
slalom/wakeboard events.  INT Leagues website is

As for clubs - We have the Lake Sammamish Water Ski Club.  Not sure how
many members they have or what kind of activities they do.  I used to be a
member a few years back.  At the time they were having some major
disagreements about how to run the club and a bunch of other stuff that I
don't know if it ever got resolved.  They also used to support a Show Ski
Team here on Sammamish but that was another unresolved conflict.  I know
the club has since restructured and elected new board members but I am
unaware of the current condition of the team.  Most of the old club
officers went off to start the INT League. You might be able to see their
web site at http://weber.u.washington.edu/~hiprc/sammy.html but when I last
looked, someone screwed up the frames.

As for slalom courses- there's one on the north end of Lake Sammamish and
one at the south end of Lake Washington (the 2 lakes are about 10 minutes
from each other).  There are a bunch of private lakes within 2 hours drive-
like Silverado, Bonnie Lake, BroHo, No Wake Lake, the others slip my mind.
Not to mention other killer places in eastern WA just over the Cascade
mountains on/near the Columbia River such as Crescent Bar, Lake Entiat,
Moses Lake...  if you want more info, check out the "Favorite Lakes" link
at http://www.quicksource.com/wakeworld

As for the season?? It can be 12 months if you have a dry suit and a heater
in your boat.  Otherwise it's about from April/May-ish to Sept/Oct-ish (at
least that's what we ski).  It just started getting cold but the water
temps should still stay warm for another week or so.  (It's the air that
gives you that ice cream headache!)  In fact, on some days you can even
waterski in the AM and snowski in the PM!  Best thing about this area- in
the summer, it's light out all the way until 10.  On the flipside- in the
winter it also gets dark pretty early!

Hope that sheds some light and makes you decision easier!
Give me a jingle if you end up coming out here.



Waterskiing in Seattle?

Post by Paul W. Bandy,, » Fri, 01 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have not been competing for a while, But there is compitition waterskiing in seattle.  There are many lakes in the area.  Are summer temperature is 90 max.  Much cooler then you are used to.