(Press Release) 1997 Ski Nautique Introduces TSC

(Press Release) 1997 Ski Nautique Introduces TSC

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AUGUST, 1996

                                1997 SKI NAUTIQUE INTRODUCES TSC

Orlando, FL  --Total Surface Control (TSC) was introduced to all domestic and international Correct Craft Dealers, Monday, August 19th at the
opening of its annual Correct Craft Dealers Meeting in Orlando.  Dealers were treated not only to an up-close and personal look at the exciting
all new hull design of the 1997 Ski Nautique, but the world-famous Sea World waterskiers presented an amazing on-water display of its handling
and awesome wake characteristics, as well as the other 1997 Nautique models.  
The Ski Nautique is the cornerstone of the Nautiques lineup and comes to the 1997 marketplace with an all NEW hull design which has been
designated as Total Surface Control (TSC).  TSC is a method of directing water over the wetted surface of the hull so as to work with the water,
rather than against it.  Correct Crafts engineers and designers, through countless hours research and testing, developed this system and
together with the aid of advanced manufacturing techniques, produced the all new hull design of the 1997 Ski Nautique --leading the towboat
industry into the 21st Century.

TSC incorporates major design changes such as the modified reverse chines, streamlined and tapered bow keel, dramatically enhanced spray
relief pockets, tapered transom, a new keel relief pocket and an innovative progressive pitch, 4-bladed propeller.  Combine these dramatic hull
design changes with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and add them to over 70 years of boatbuilding experience and you have ...a
re-defined No Wake Zone, ...a remarkably smooth ride, ...a wake that no one else can equal, ...the dawning of a new era in tournament towboat
hull design.

Correct Craft was the first manufacturer to introduce spray relief pockets to the waterski towboat industry, and while often copied no one has
ever equalled them.  A number of towboat manufacturers have claimed to have achieved the world-famous Ski Nautique wake, but no one has
ever really succeeded.  The Ski Nautique stands alone.

The family-oriented 1997 Ski Nautique Open Bow offers the same integrity as the new hull design found in the Ski Nautique with room for
additional passengers.  The 1997 Ski Nautique Open Bow has comfortable cushioned seating with a NEW removable cushion to provide a
footwell in the bow area, when desired, while maintaining ample storage under the loveseat and throughout the boat.

The Ski Nautique and Ski Nautique Open Bow join the Sport Nautique and Nautique Super Sport to complete the 1997 Nautiques line-up.