world results as of 9/15

world results as of 9/15

Post by JTH AC » Sat, 16 Sep 1995 04:00:00

1995 World Championships
Report #2

Thursday, Sept. 14   6:00 am

The first day of the World Championships ran smoothly according to the
schedule which included about 140 rides.

In the Men Tricks, Series 6-5-4, currently on top of the leader board is
Antonio Menendez  (MEX) with 5920.

In Men Slalom, Series 7-6-5-4, the best score posted so far is by Oleg

Women Slalom, Series 5-4-3, saw the first US result with a dissapointed
Sherri Slone falling on her second pass only scoring 3 buoys on a 14.25m

Today's schedule includes the following events:
Women's Tricks, Series 5-4-3
Men Jump Series 6-5-4
Women Jump Series 4-3
Men Slalom Series 3-2-1