What do think of Tri related WEB sites

What do think of Tri related WEB sites

Post by Eric Gou » Fri, 12 May 1995 04:00:00

What do think of tri stuff on the WEB.

I would be curious as what people?s experience with various sports related
WEB sites i.e. - those provided by manufactures, magazines (Triathlete) and
dedicated (commercial) pages such as the new Multisport Online.

In particular is the information of value, would you log-on again. Could
the information be presented in a another media more effectively. How often
do you expect the content to be updated. What content are you looking for,

My interest is not to knock what is there but, to help provide positive
feed-back in improving the overall service(s). I have been asked to develop
a set of pages and I am looking for input from other triathletes about
their likes and dislikes of on-line (WEB) information/content.

Please respond via this newsgroup or email:


Eric Gould