Replacement Derail (DA?,600?,Mavic?..

Replacement Derail (DA?,600?,Mavic?..

Post by John Kruempelstaedt » Sat, 18 Jan 1992 02:57:23

Subject: Re: Replacement Derail (DA?,600?,Mavic?,Campy)


My rear derailleur is shot and I have to decide what to do.
I currently have a Shimano 600(ultegra) that I killed in
about 5000 miles (I race tri's, and ride a lot of hills in
training).  I have a few queations...

  1.  Should I "upgrade" to Dura-ace or continue to buy
      more 600s? If I do go to DA I would have to buy new
      shifters?  The gain really doesn't out weigh the cost.

  2.  Should I "downgrade" to 105s. If I'm going to
      be buying alot of them I should keep the $ down.

  3.  Should I go to Mavic 840? Great durability and ability
      to replace parts as they wear.  Also, what shifters
      are compatible? Are the 600 shifters compatible?

I will have to say that cost is a big factor but not critical.
I'm looking for great performance and durability. I don't want
something that will start getting tempermental in a race.

If you have good reasons to buy Campy, let me hear it.  If so,
which model, etc.  

Thanks for you help

John K.