Trade Spinergy Rev-X 700c (carbon) wheelset for 650c wheelset

Trade Spinergy Rev-X 700c (carbon) wheelset for 650c wheelset

Post by James Por » Fri, 21 Dec 2001 23:08:44


5 months ago I purchased a  Spinergy Rev-X tubular Wheelset from a pro
racer.  The wheelset is 2 years old and only used for racing (by him
and me).  I have only about 50 miles on it (2 races) but I don't know
how many races the pro-racer used.  It is in very good or better
shape.  No problems at all and no crashes on the set - him or me.  It
has a cassette (12 to 23 I think) and is 8-9 sp Shimano comp. No

I am looking to trade this for a 650c wheelset - I just bought a
Multsport 600 and need a good set of racing wheels. I don't care if
the wheelset is carbon, radically spoked or otherwise, I'd prefer a
tubular set, but clinchers are OK if you have a decent set.  

I do have a picture of the wheelset.   Also, the wheelset came packed
in a Rolf wheelset box and I'll ship the wheelset in the same package
that I received it.  It was send to me via a cycle shop.  You pay

Jim Porco
Dublin, Ohio