Triathlon World Champs Results

Triathlon World Champs Results

Post by Ray Bradbu » Tue, 15 Oct 1991 08:11:13

Here are the results of the Triathlon World Champs (Go Aussies!):

  GOLD COAST - Australian Miles Stewart's late surge took him to
victory over American favorite Mike Pigg and NZer Rick Wells in
yesterday's Triathlon World Championship.
  Stewart completed the 51.5km course in 1 hour and 48 minutes, two
seconds in front of the American and NZer who tied for second
place following the final sprint.
  Stewart said his early sprint to catch both Wells and Pigg almost
cost him victory.
  "I knew exactly how much I had left and I knew how long I could
hold it for, but I also though the finish was a bit closer than
it was," Stewart said after the race.
  "I think I timed it wrong... (because) when I did close the gap,
I used up everything to do that, and I still had to keep running.
"I was expecting someone to come past me really hard, but they
  As one of Australia's most talented sprint triathletes, Stewart
was able to foil the powerful American cyclist on the bike keeping
him pegged over the entire 40km.
  A dissapointed Pigg said he had tried several times during the
cycle leg to drop the main bunch of Wells, Stewart and fellow
American Harold Robinson, but was unable to do so because of the
flat, fast course.
  "It was really hard to do what I wanted to do on this course.
I needed a hill."
  Attempts by the American to shake Stewart and Wells in the final
run were also to no avail.
  Wells said, like Pigg, he had nothing left to throw at the
20-year-old Australian in the final run for the line.
  "I gave my all and I just had nothing left," the former
Commonwealth Games swimmer said.
  "I was prettty happy after last year (where he finished 10th
in front of Pigg) and I was first after the swim today."
  American Harold Robinson finished fourst with the next highest
placing Australians, Mark Dragan and Stephen Foster, finishing
in seventh and eighth.
  Australian Brad Beven, one of the race favorites, had a
disappointing event, finishing well down the elite field.
  In the women's event, Canadian Joanne Ritchie and Terri Smithross
took the top two placings, finishing the same course 12 minutes
behind the leading men.
  Australian Michelle Jones finished in third place.