Team Champion web site

Team Champion web site

Post by Brad Kear » Sun, 04 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Team Champion is Champion Nutrition's comprehensive support program for
endurance athletes, with benefits like a bi-monthly endurance sports
newsletter, a library of Training Tips for endurance training and
competition, customized training and nutrition guidance through the
Personal Training Program and now the Team Champion World Wide Web site!

The web site took over a year to design and features an incredible array of
information and benefits. We at Team Champion want to be your resource for
not only sports nutrition, but information about sports nutrition and
endurance training and competing. Features of the web site include:

*Product directory: How and when to use Champion Nutrition products for
your particular exercise regimen.

*Product support: References of scientific studies and complete descriptions
of ingredients.

*Elite athlete profiles: Meet our sponsored athletes and find out their
secrets for success.

*Web site specials: Purchase discounts and free prizes for on-line customers.

*Email: Have a question about the use of our products or your training
program? Email us and one of our expert staff will address your concerns.

*Training Information: Learn about the latest scientific discoveries in
sports nutrition and athletic performance to help make '96 your best year

*On-line ordering capability: 25% off Champion Nutrition products and free
prizes for on-line customers. Just fill out the form, click your mouse and
product will arrive at your doorstep!

See you on-line! If you have any questions or problems signing on, please
call the Team Champion hotline at 1-800-379-TEAM (8326)

Brad Kearns


Team Champion web site

Post by Paulo Ferreira de Sous » Sun, 04 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Can you make a living doing this ?