FS: HED Wheels & QR fork (repost with wheel size)

FS: HED Wheels & QR fork (repost with wheel size)

Post by Justin Moor » Sun, 05 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Baby due in 4 weeks and I need some $$ so I gotta unload some toys.

The wheelset has been used for two races (40 miles total) and no training
rides.  No wet weather or adverse conditions, just two races on good
condition roads.

HED Disk:    700 c, Shimano cassette, 12-21 cogset, continental tire 23mm
(also 40
                     One VERY light rub mark from when I adjusted my der.
                      the first time.
                     This is not a factory second.  This was purchased from
                      Bicycle Sports in
                      LA as a brand new first quality disk.  $325 shipping

HED CX DEEP(front):  700c,Same riding conditions as above.  20mm conti.
$300                                             shipped.

QR Carbonaero Fork:  700c, Has been used for daily rides, probably less than
                                        Excellent condition.  Has some
                                        surface scratches (quite minor)
                                        from lying on carpet in back of
                                        vehicle.  Some chipping of the
                                        enamel down around the dropouts
                                        (confined to skewer contact
                                        points)  Currently on a very large
                                        frame(22cm head tube) so I am sure
the steerer
                                        tube length will accommodate just
                                        about anyone.  I will remove
                                        and measure if someone is
                                        interested.  $200 shipped.

If anyone wants everything you can have it for $750 shipped.