AD: Steve's Multisport Updates

AD: Steve's Multisport Updates

Post by Steve Har » Sun, 07 Dec 1997 04:00:00

New updates:

New web site coming soon. Please bookmark
Yes, I know it is long over do.  I will have a search engine, pictures,
etc.  It DOESN'T work yet so use my web address until I update you.

1998 QR bikes are in along with Litespeeds and Colnago's. Still waiting on
others to arrive. 98 QR's are very nice!  Great Job to Dan!

Elite Bicycles:  Lots of news!!  You have seen my tri frame on  my web
site.  Look for new sponsored pros soon!  I have also taken over Orbit
bikes and will be adding them to my Elite line of bikes.  I have a 700c
tri frame, track, cyclocross, and road frames all hand made from Reynolds
tubing. I am clearing out the Orbit line from 97 so hit my site for
closeout pricing.  I will have a seperate site under
These frames/bikes will be completely seperate from Steve's Multisport and
run by my partners.  Look for them soon at a dealer near you.

December specials are posted now. Take a look. I have lots of 97 wetsuits
on sale and leftover wheelsets from Hed.

New products:  My Ti seatpost will be even lighter for 98.  Made some
changes and they look great.  My aero carrier is undergoing changes now
and should have it ready in 3 weeks. Lighter and now able to fit more c02
carriers and bottles. Same price as 97.
I am working on an aluminum forward post for $50 +- and should have that
available in the spring.

New items to watch for 98:

Elite bicycles
Bebop Pedals
CycleOps E trainer-- soon i hope!
Cardiosports new line of monitors.  Better chest transmitter that will
give Polar a run.
Zipps new wheels. Sweet!!
Heds new wheels.  Even sweeter!
Limar Helmets:  Look at Ken Glahs from Hawaii. Light and very aero
Northwave shoes!!!! Hot new shoe line! Take a look at them!!

More info coming soon!

Place your holiday orders ASAP and I promise you a happy holiday!

Thanks for the support. I truely mean that. I highly value this newsgroup
and enjoy your feedback, Good or bad!



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