Digest: February 2

Digest: February 2

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Triathlon Digest: Monday, February 2, 1998
Vol. 2, No. 22
Published by Triathlon Central

In This Issue:
        * Results: Spanish Winter Triathlon Champs (from Alberto Altes)
        * Association of Military Triathletes (from Bob Bieri)
        * Record entries for Ironman Australia (from Nick Munting)
        * From the Conning Tower (a Triathlon Digest update)

Notes from Katherine:

        Newest subscribers include
                -- Anne-Marie Gschwend, race director of Frauentriathlon
                -- Gordon Riley, a sub-editor with 220 magazine in Britain;
                -- Duncan Blake, assistant editor of Australian Triathlete
                -- Mac Fournier, a Triathlon Manitoba board member and
                         member of the 1998 Canadian National Triathlon
                         organizing committee;
                -- Bob Bieri, president of the Association of Military
        Welcome to all.

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Subject: Spanish Winter Triathlon Championships

The best-ever National Winter Triathlon Champs were held in Reinosa
(Cantabria) on Saturday January 31st. I would say everything went right for a
perfect day ... weather conditions were also favorable, with low temperatures on
the night before what left a really speedy snow, and the sun up in the sky during
race morning.

The start was at 11.30 at town's major street with hundreds of people watching
and cheering. Nearly 100 triathletes started and all categories did it at
the same time, juniors, men and women.

The race was 10k run, 26k bike, 13k ski.  Top results are below, complete
results will be available at the Spanish Trifed website early this week:

1. Juan Carlos Apilluelo  2:10:43
2. Pedro Anarbe             2:16:20
3. Patxi Azkarate            2:23:24
4. Martin Gerenabarrena 2:24:51
5. Patxi Sorbet                2:27:32

1. Ana Folkegard            3:05:17
2. Andrea Aja                  3:11:47
3. Naia Alzola                  3:17:18

Junior Men
1. Alberto Altes                2:53:25
2. Alejandro Sanz            3:19:43
3. Sergio de Torres         3:57:22

Junior Femenino
1. Victoria Tarancon        4:00:15

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Subject: Association of Military Triathletes

I am the president of the Association of Military Triathletes.  We have
roughly 1100 members and there are probably twice than that in active
(but not members) military triathletes out there.  Over the years we have
been an active force in bringing triathlons to recognition inside the
Department of Defense.  This past year we finally had the first Armed
Forces Triathlon Championships.  In our ranks are many All-Americans
and honorable mentions.  DOD and the triathlon lifestyle are about
one in the same.  We need to get more AMT members.

This is a request for all military triathetes to e-mail myself at

c/o Bob Bieri, 6641Lancia Court, Bealeton, VA 22712.

Bob Bieri

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Subject: Minolta Ironman Australia - Record Entry

The Minolta Ironman Australian Triathlon has released the entry numbers
for the 1998 race: It boasts its third consecutive record entry with 1,130
athletes heading down under for the April 5th race.

Full entry details will be posted on http:// www.ironmanoz.com this week
together with an update of news and statistics on this fast-growing,
Down Under member of the Ironman family.

While the overall entry is a record, so, too, is the number of athletes
heading to Forster from North America. The USA is sending 41 American
athletes and there are 10 Canadians also in the mix. A record 27 countries will be
represented, with athletes coming from Vanuatu to Wales and from Austria to

Major entries by country? Australia - 946; USA - 41, New Zealand and
Germany - 29 each; Japan - 22; England - 13 and Canada 10. Saudi Arabia has
nine entries!

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Every so often, Triathlon Digest will include editorial postings aimed at
keeping Triathlon Digest a fun place with a high degree of usefulness to
its readers.  We hope you will like the new feature which we call:
"From the Conning Tower."

Some curiosity has been expressed lately in private e-mails about the
nuts and bolts of Triathlon Digest.  With that in mind, a description of
Triathlon Digest's present size, shape and direction might be a good starting

To begin with, Triathlon Digest began on 4 March 1997, so we're almost at
an anniversary date.  In just 11 short months,  its reader base and e-mail
list has grown to its present size of 759 subscribers, representing 46 different
countries.  Even though Triathlon Digest is selective in choosing its
subscribers -- so that it remains a place where the sport's movers and shakers can
talk among each other in a public forum on the Internet --  all indications point to
Triathlon Digest subscription list reaching the magic number 1000 very

In the first month of this year (Vol. 2), postings have come from 15
different countries.  While just about 50 percent of Triathlon Digest's
subscribers are located in the USA, only 34 percent of Triathlon Digest's
postings (in January) came from there.  Australia, on the other hand,
with only 13 percent of Triathlon Digest's subscribers, is running a
close second, contributing more than 30 percent of all postings.  The
strength of the sport in Australia is very much reflected in Triathlon
Digest's postings.

Every issue demonstrates Triathlon Digest's growing global outreach and
multi-national voice.  The continuing expressions of support and
appreciation are very heartening.  However, until postings come from
many more of Triathlon Digest's 46 countries, work remains to be done.

On a somewhat different note, Triathlon Digest wonders whether a regular
posting that features the comings and goings of the people of our sport,
inside and outside the federations -- when they change jobs, get promotions,
receive recognition for achievements and other things worth mentioning --
would be of interest.

Your thoughts about this are welcomed.

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