AD: New improved Web site @ STeve's Multisport

AD: New improved Web site @ STeve's Multisport

Post by Steve's Multispor » Wed, 25 Oct 2000 04:00:00

                                                    Steve's Multisport

I have almost finished changing and adding all the 2001 items that will
be listed on STeve's Multisport . Com

More new products are being added daily with full pictures and
descriptions. New opening page layout should be done by next week making
the search and layout easier to navigate.  You can now search by company
or product as well as key words.

Frame/Bikes for 2001 will include:  Kestrel, Elite, Quintana Roo,
Merlin, Litespeed, Softride, Colnago and Trek

Wetsuits from QR and Ironman

Clothing from Desoto and possibly Zoot Hawaii??  Input needed here!!

New Trainers from Tacx, Elite and Cycle-Ops

Lots of new accessories and for 2001, we are instituting a 30 Day Price

Please take a look and give me your input.  I am always in search of
products so let me know what I should add!