Mark Allen's Trashed Toes!?!

Mark Allen's Trashed Toes!?!

Post by John Ericks » Fri, 24 Dec 1993 21:45:53


Did anyone else notice Mark Allen's ***y toes as he crossed the
finish line at the IronMan (TIOOYK...)? If you look at a couple of the
photos in the new _Triathlete_ you'll see it. At first I thought
it might just be some anomoly in the printing, but then I saw it
in the overhead finish photo too. An earlier photo (when he is
shown passing Pauli K.) shows un-***ied toes...

I also noticed that he did the bike in his swim shorts this year;
usually he pulls on riding shorts. He did, however, pull on
a funky riding shirt, which he replaced with a funky running
shirt at the transition...

Have a GREAT one!


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