Women's Multisport Classes and Clinics

Women's Multisport Classes and Clinics

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W o m e n' s  M u l t i s p o r t ?

 Sports Classes for Women in the San Francisco Bay Area

S e p t e m b e r
    9/7       Women's Multisport Spin Camp  (new)   s.f. & east bay
    9/12      Sport Psychology Seminar
    9/13      Freestyle Swim Clinic
    9/20      Cycling Clinic and Tour   marin
    9/26      WMO Mountain Bike Class  (new)   marin
    9/26      Cross Training Boot Camp
    9/27      The "Get Fast" Running Clinic
   O c t o b e r
    10/1     Elite Performance Training (12 weeks)   east bay
    10/10    Cycling Clinic and Tour
    10/10    WMO Triathlon Training (new)   san francisco
    10/11    Mountain Bike Clinic (new)   marin
    10/17    Freestyle Swim Clinic
    10/18    Sport Psychology Seminar
  N o v e m b e r
    11/1     WMO Weight Training Class (4 weeks)   east bay
    11/7     Active Isolated Stretching Seminar (new)
    11/7     WMO Triathlon Training (new)   san francisco
    11/8     The "Get Fast" Running Clinic
    11/8     Cycling Clinic and Tour

For more info call: 1-510-451-6114
Or go online at: http://www.womensmultisport.com