AD: Specials and Help updates @ Steve's Multisport

AD: Specials and Help updates @ Steve's Multisport

Post by Steve's Multispor » Mon, 09 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Changed the specials. HOw about a little input from you guys.
Gimme the top ten specials you want to see.
I did a "Help" section for the site. It seems a few people are not
comfortable with the new site so please take a look at the "help"

"Ask the Pro Section" will be started shortly.
Ken Glah, Jeff Devlin, Jan ***lyn and pro Cyclist Mike Pudlinski will
answer all your questions.

New picture of my Elite T-6 and T-7 is up.  Road, Cyclocross and track
frames at the photo shoot now!

New Elite Ti skewers are almost done. $59.99 gets you the best skewer
set we've made yet!

Elite 54, 55, 56 tooth rings are almost done.  Ramps have been added to
help clean up the shifting woes of large rings.
Rings will be ready in 2 weeks and retail at $49

New Steve's Velocity carrier is done and in stock. New design allows for
easier access, more carrying capacity and ligher weight.
Standard is $29
Elite is $49

Take a look at the site and call for the latest updates.