Mike & Rob's is gone!

Mike & Rob's is gone!

Post by InfernoT » Sun, 11 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Just got a letter in the mail today listing MESP's 1998 races; to my surprise
Mike & Rob's Half IronMan was gone. This was the only IronMan qualifying race
in Southern California so this comes as quite a shock. A lot of people in So
Cal plan this as one of their bigger races and I know it had quite a turnout
last year. The reason given in the letter is that they are going "Back to the
Basics" and they are saying goodbye to an old friend (M & R's Long Course) they
are keeping a race at Ventura that will be a long sprint race. I am just
curious as to why they would give up an IronMan qualifying race? Oh well;
enough ranting I guess it's time to re-plan the schedule for this year as M &
R's was already figured in.

Mark Rinaldi
Inland Inferno Triathlon Club


Mike & Rob's is gone!

Post by Pwcla » Mon, 12 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I'm startled to read this post because, among other things, I received today a
complementary copy of Coachtroy's new newletter (nice article, V-man) that
listed "Mike & Rob's Most Excellent . . ." as an I-man qualifier and scheduled
it for August 9.  It was on my schedule also.  It's seemed very successful, and
I don't know why you'd cancel a race that's a popular qualifier.  Anyone know
the inside story?


Mike & Rob's is gone!

Post by MCMURTRE » Mon, 12 Jan 1998 04:00:00

All I can say is how very very disapointed I am.  Mike&Rob's was a great race
and it will be sorely missed.  Watch out for a mob scene at Vineman this year.

Gary McMurtrey
Inland Inferno Triathlon Club


Mike & Rob's is gone!

Post by Lynne Fonda-Kosore » Mon, 12 Jan 1998 04:00:00

As a member of the selection committee for Regional Championships for USAT's
SouthWest Region, I spoke with Rod Horrell, Race Director of MESP
Triathlons, to include MIKE AND ROB'S and NAUTICA MALIBU, this past Friday,
January 9th.

Evidently there were some date and permit conflicts that left MESP little
choice.  Not many people know that , in order to stage Mike and Rob's, the
course travels through some SEVEN municipalities, including an active
military base. The length and the nature of the bike course requires
tremendous support in terms of logistics and personnel, along with the
cooperation of each city and county seat involved.

MESP has made the decision to go with a shorter distance event.

I'm sure they would be interested to hear your thoughts and disappointment.
Call Rod at MESP  (818) 707-8866


Mike & Rob's is gone!

Post by BPSulliv » Fri, 16 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I couldn't resist. The absence of M&R's half ironman race only points up all
the more the importance of trying to get an Ironman(r) race in Southern
California somewhere. San Diego, Oceanside, Malibu, maybe as far north as Santa
Barbara. You have tens of thousands of people in a geographic area who have
done a triathlon, you have the home of the sport, you have excellent weather.
What more could you want? OK, OK, I know, you need a unique venue that is
almost impossible to find, and the cooperation of WTC, which is equally
difficult due to a misguided fear of loss at IMC. Small details ..... ;-)
Brian Sullivan