who reads rst (was: ITU "bends")

who reads rst (was: ITU "bends")

Post by ccorn.. » Thu, 07 Mar 1996 04:00:00

>To Mike L., J.J., Larry C., and others

>I'm sorry, I haven't spent much time on r.s.t. lately.  I seem to have
>missed most of this thread.


Sorry to sound arrogant here, but...Triathlete mag is reading rst,
Inside Triathlon is reading rst, Multisport is reading rst, ITU is
reading rst, WTC is reading rst, and you're saying that TriFed
doesn't have time to keep up with it? Just playing devils advocate
here. Or maybe I just have delusions of grandeur with regard to
rst being the only live and uncensored opportunity for we ordinary
triathlon mortals to say what we really think of the sport.

Cathy Corning