Runner's Web Digest

Runner's Web Digest

Post by Ken Parke » Mon, 25 Mar 2013 07:42:31

Friday's Digest topics:
1. Study: Minimalist Shoes Strengthen Toe Muscles
Gains came not from running, but from doing other exercises in them.
2. An Elite State of Mind
Learning Humility from the Fastest Runners in the World.
3. Balance Better To Run Better
4. 5 Most Overrated Exercises You Can Stop Doing
5. The Caveman at the Gym
Why does treadmill running feel so deathly dull? Evolutionary
psychology offers some answers. And we suggest some ways to make it
more fun.
6. The Disadvantages of Perfect Pacing
If Kenyans regularly crash and burn during workouts, maybe we should
7. Vitamin D Replacement Improves Muscle Efficiency
8. Study: Running Surface May Determine Type of Foot Strike
Runners seem to select a rearfoot strike for soft surfaces, forefoot
for hard.
9. Train To Run Like The Best
10. Barefoot Running/Minimalist Shoes Reduce Injury Risk? Not So Fast!
11.  Let's Get Physical: The Psychology of Effective Workout Music
New research clarifies why music and exercise make such a good team,
and how to create an optimal workout playlist.
12. The New Rules of Marathon Nutrition: Sports Drinks
13. Rethinking Threshold Training With A New Approach
14. Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Fitness and Health e-Zine
15. This Week in Running

Our poll for the week is:
Which of the following women played the greatest role in advancing
women's distance running globally?
Joan Benoit (Samuelson)
Lynn Jennings
Nina Kuscsik
Kathrine Switzer
Joan Ullyot
Grete Waitz
Paula Radcliffe

Vote at:

Last week's poll results:
"What would be the best way(s) to manage the excessive demand for
entry into many of the major marathons and triathlons?"
Answers Percent  Votes
1 .Time stamped on-line entry 19% 67
2 .Geographical quotas  14% 51
3 .Performance standards 45% 162
4. Lottery  15% 55
5. Other        7% 26
Total Votes: 361

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