calf hurts at night and morning-help

calf hurts at night and morning-help

Post by chris davi » Thu, 31 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Please help,

I went out for a long bike and short run on sunday and since monday the
pain in my left calf has continued to get worse. It seems to be fine
after I walk around and while I haven't been running on it, I did swim
and biked some yesterday. This morning it's painful to walk on and so
the questions are:

can I continue to swim and how about the bike?
why don't I feel any localized spot of pain? (the whole calf seems to
be stiff and sore)
what's the recovery time?
I guess I'll just use the ol RICE method of treatment?

I wanted so much to do the New England Endurance Triathlon which is in
17 days. Can I get it healed by then? Is there anything like a
perpetual cramp or did I just blow out the whole muscle?

Thanks for whatever advise you can give.

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calf hurts at night and morning-help

Post by Mr Stew » Sat, 02 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Good luck with the sore calf. I have had problems with both legs during
the past two years. Best advise I can give is to take it very easy on the
run. Use your swimming and biking to stay in shape. You may be able to

Two potential problems that I have experienced. Strained calf muscle took
a six week layoff to heal. Periostitis in left calf has not responded to
similar treatment. When rest fails, go see a good sport Dr.

Good luck - Hope you feel better. Calves can be a pain!