Brief "Review" - New Balance 700 and 750 Shoes

Brief "Review" - New Balance 700 and 750 Shoes

Post by Rolf Aran » Thu, 02 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have been in many types of shoes (as most of us have no doubt).  
I have found great success in injury prevention in the New Balance
800 and 900 series of running shoes.  They have done away with
these (I believe) and introduced the 700 shoe.  I bought a pair
of each of these about 2 weeks ago.  Here is my gut reaction.

NB 700
A great lightweight trainer.  The cushioning and stability are
excellent and surprising in a light shoe.  The shoe is both
springy and extremely well cushioned.  The "ABZORB" material
was excellent in its job.  The price was excellent as well ($63.99
here in NJ).  My severe overpronation was controlled well with my
orthotics inserted in these shoes.  The shoes have a plastic
reinforcement at the top of the laces to avoid tearing of the
shoe material from the laces.  These are my road shoes of choice
as they have a nice overall supple feel to them.  

There are two downsides that I noticed.  The first is that the
forefoot material is very soft and may be prone to "sharp toenail
tears".  The second is that the standard "D" width shoe seems
unusually wide for me.  I really have to lace up the shoes
tightly to get the tight-fitting shoe feel that I prefer.  

NB 750
You want stability - this shoe has it.  This shoe is not nearly
as supple as the 700.  This shoe is a heavier construction with an
integral "ROLLBAR" built in to control overpronation.  These shoes
really control motion well.  These are my off-road trail running
shoe because of their stability.  

There are two downsides as well.  This shoe does not cushion nearly
as well as the 700 as the shoe feels very very very stiff on the foot.  
The second is that all that stability adds weight, alot of it.  These
are a heavy shoe.  

Overall, if New Balance were a publicly-held company, I would
buy its stock tomorrow!


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