midatlantic reg. champs-1995

midatlantic reg. champs-1995

Post by Smbk » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 10:35:17

Tri-Fed/ MidAtlantic is pleased to announce that our Regional
Championships for 1995 are the following races:
Sprint-Sunset Sprint Tri, Vineland, NJ
Int'l-Latta Park Plantation, C***te, NC
Long-Cambridge Tri-Cambridge, MD
Duathlon-Seaside Bi., Seaside, NJ

Not all of the dates have been set, except that Cambridge will be June 4,
and Latta Park is usually the 3rd Sunday in June. Also Seaside Bi will be
in September. As soon as dates and addresses for apps. are available I
will post.

Also, for those of you looking for east coast IQs Wilkes Barre August 14
and Fairmont Park (Philadelphia) on July 30.

For those of you concerned I will not post all Mid Atlantic races because
this shouldn't become a calendar. I only listed these because they are
have a special designation. If you disagree, don't flame just let me know.
Andy W. Pres. Tri-Fed/MidAtlantic