Looking for training partner(s)

Looking for training partner(s)

Post by Kai Hanu Matsu » Wed, 08 Jun 1994 17:33:58

I apologize if this is being posted to an area wider than the Bay Area.  
I tried to limit distribution.

I'm a mediocre but enthusiastic triathlete looking for training partners
in the East Bay, preferably Berkeley/Albany.  I am particularly looking
for anyone interested in early morning weekday rides/runs (i.e. ending by
7 am) and casual weekend bricks.

I am currently in a base phase, so my mileage is low (12-15 mi. run,
50-60 mi. bike) but I'd like to at least double that by August.

If you are interested or know someone who might be, please mail me at

I don't plan to race triathlon until July but I'd like to do some road
races before then.