Virtual Training Partner (VTP)

Virtual Training Partner (VTP)

Post by Thom Pete » Wed, 17 Nov 1993 11:44:47

Fellow Triathlete's,

I am looking for a Virtual Training Partner.  Please let me explain.  I
would like the help and advice of a triathlete who has more experence than I
to give me some helpfull hints in training.  I would like to bounce ideas
off of you and exchange training stories, race stories ect.  I am looking
for someone who has experence in sprint ( short distance) tri's.

I am 42 with 2 young children, so my training time is limited.  I have
competed for the last 2 years with good results, mostly this year.  My
brother and I send Email to each other but he is not a triathlete.

Would anyone be willing to help?

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