Free Information on Heart Rate Monitoring

Free Information on Heart Rate Monitoring

Post by Mike Nuna » Sat, 13 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Whats New

This is the title page of a new addition to our web site.

We will be posting on this page

..New Products

..Important software information (eg. upgrades etc.)

..A monthly training Fact Sheet

..Interesting FAQ's

..and much more

If you would like a FREE MONTHLY POSTING by email of the above
information, please visit the

"Whats New" page at

and register your email address with us and we will keep you informed of
the latest in the world of Heart Rate Monitoring.

We are continually trying to keep our clients informed.

This is just another of the many services we are offering  in our
endeavour to keep you on the cutting edge of heart rate monitoring

Mike Nunan