Digest: February 15

Digest: February 15

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Triathlon Digest: Sunday, February 15, 1998
Vol. 2, No. 34
Published by Triathlon Central

In This Issue:
        * Dates for the PATCO (Caribbean-South American) calendar (from
Luly Lopez, Puerto Rico)
        * Dates for Danskin Women's Triathlon Series (from Sally Edwards, USA)
        * Idea-seeking for USA Triathlon Women's Commission (from Shepi
Farrar, USA)
        * Triathlon Australia website (from Paul Smith, Australia)

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From: Luly Lopez

Subject: Calendario Internacional PATCO-ITU 1998

March 14, Mar del Plata (Copa America)
March 22, Uruguay (Sur Americano)
May 3, St. Croix
May 1-2-3, Costa Rico (Centry y Carib)
May 10, St. Kitts
May 10, Panama City
May 30, Cuenca, Ecuador
June 21, Puerto Rico (Copa America)
June 28, Aruba (Copa America)
July 18, Mexico (Copa America)
August 14, Venezuela (J. Centro y Carib)
September 21, Ilheus, Brazil (Copa America)
October 4, St, Martin
October 18, Puerto Rico (national championship)
October 23-24-25, Varadero, Cuba

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From: Sally Edwards

Subject: Danskin dates

The dates for the Danskin Women's Triathlon Series sponsored by Supplex
with Lycra for 1998 are as follows:

May 22-25 Camp Danskin (San Francisco)
June 7  Austin
June 20 San Jose
June 26-28 Camp Danskin (Seattle) for First-Timers/Intermediates
July 12 Baltimore
July 19 Chicago (Naperville, Ill.)
July 24 Seattle, also Camp Danskin for Intermediates/Advanced
August 9  Denver
August 16 Seattle

These dates are firm. If you want a brochure call 1-800-452-9526. The
brochures should be mailed by the middle of March.

Sally Edwards (National Spokesperson for Danskin)

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From: Shepi Farrar
Subject: OS00007 SoftSwitch Addressing Form

I wanted to thank those of you who have responded to my question about how
to increase the participation of athletes who generally have not been large
groups within multisport - minorities; less wealthy groups within the US or
internationally; women; older athletes - in a word, how to improve the
"inclusiveness" of multisport.  Another way to phrase it would be: how to
make multisport more attractive and accessible.

Anyway, I've received some great ideas, and want to ask for more, and for
your opinions: 1) Dottie Dorion's Adopt-A-Triathlete program, 2)
donations/partnership between retail and wholesale vendors and federations
around the world, 3) novice clinics in regions and countries where
multisport is still minimal, 4) better PR -
using athletes that people are attracted to based on celebrity status
(Alexandra Paul), sports status (Darryl Haley), challenges overcome
(paralympic-style), region of nationality, etc.

- -shepi farrar USAT-WC

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From: "Paul Smith"

Subject: Triathlon Australia Web Site

Hi - I'm the webmaster for the Triathlon Australia Web Site, the official
site for the national governing body, which only recently went live.

We have a number of different sections which may be of interest to
Triathlon Digest readers:

* A section on the St. George Formula One Triathlon series featuring
defending champion Brad Beven, Greg Welch, Miles Stewart and
Lothar Leder. We will be the official results site for the series. The
results for the first race plus a few media releases are already up on
the site, as well as TV telecast dates. (Race 2 is on Sunday
the 15th).

* Results or links to results for the premier national series - the 10-race
1998 St. George Triathlon Tour. The makeup of age-group
and elite teams for the World Championship are based on the results
of certain selection races from this series.

* National point score rankings for age group and elite categories
after each round of the 1998 St. George Triathlon Tour. These
rankings are used to award series winners at the end of the Tour.
Although all Tour events are not selection races, the rankings will
still give a good indication of likely selection in World Championship

* RESULTS and RANKINGS are now available up to race 5 in Penrith.

* Selection Policies for Australian athletes for the World Championships
and the 1998 Triathlon World Cup, plus the Olympic Athlete Program
(OAP) Squad Selection Policy.

* The latest media releases and the official monthly news flashes from
Triathlon Australia.

* Contact details - we would be a good point of first contact for any
athletes wishing to race in Australia.

Paul Smith

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