New books: SERIOUS Training, Heart Zone Training

New books: SERIOUS Training, Heart Zone Training

Post by Steve Pa » Wed, 11 Sep 1996 04:00:00

The revision of Rob Sleamaker's excellent book, now re-titled SERIOUS Training
for Endurance Athletes and also now co-authored by Ray Browning, is finally off
the press and is available from us (as well as other sources, of course).
Unfortunately we sold our last copy of the original book (SERIOUS Training for
Serious Athletes) before the new book arrived, so I'm afraid I can't give a
detailed comparison of the difference between the two books, but I *believe*
there have been major changes. A full description of the book including Table
of Contents, etc., is posted on our Web site at


I can't claim to have read it yet; it's literally just in the door, but
skimming through it I believe this book will be very well received by r.s.t.'rs.

The second new book out this month is from Sally Edwards - Heart Zone Training.
While her Heart Rate Monitor book has been described as a manual for using
a heart rate monitor, and is frequently given out with HRM purchases, Heart
Zone Training is more about how to design a training program based on use
of the HRM. The book has good advice, and is certainly "easier to digest"
than Sleamaker/Browning. That is, you can just read Edwards, and absorb her
advice, whereas SERIOUS is a book to *study*. Be forewarned that Heart Zone
Training, like Jeff Galloway's new books, contains "stories about typical
people and their experiences" scattered throughout, which definitely doesn't
appeal to some people. A complete description of Heart Zone Training can
be found at:


Just to complicate matters, Edwards has *another* book coming out in a few
months which will be much more geared to "serious" athletes. And, in case
you're wondering, Heart Zone Training does *not* replace The Heart Rate Monitor
Book; the latter is still in print and in my opinion will continue to be a

For those who like their advice serious and concise, we've recently gotten
in a supply of Mark Sisson's excellent little book, Training and Racing
Biathlons. In some ways it packs all of Sleamaker into 95 pages. Whatever your
opinion of Mark Sisson and the ITU, page for page this is still arguably the
best training book ever written (IMHO, naturally). It's out of print, so this
book is only available while supplies last.

And since the subject came up last week, we have just added Phil Maffetone's
Training for Endurance to our bookstore; copies should be in stock this week.

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