Great Floridian date and location

Great Floridian date and location

Post by stra.. » Sun, 11 Sep 1994 05:26:13

I was just wondering where and when the Great Floridian is being held this
year.  I will hopefully be participating next year but I was thinking about
going this year as a spectator.




Great Floridian date and location

Post by Bert Sand » Sun, 11 Sep 1994 05:52:38


>I would recomend a solid brick once a
>week. I try to do at least a 100 mi bike and a 20 mi run brick
>at least once or twice before an IM race.

>I would recommend AGAINST doing any long bricks as described by Tom
>and other sources too numerous to mention. For your first Ironman
>this is completely unnecessary. Perhaps even for your 10th.
>I agree that brick type workouts are important. You need to know how
>your legs are going to feel after riding (for so long). I would
>recommend (and did this summer for my first IM) maybe a 100 mile
>ride followed by a 2-3 mile "tempo" run. "tempo" meaning brisk,
>but not all that fast. This gives the legs the chance to feel
>the transition.

I think that bricks of a shorter distance are probably of more benefit
as they do not tax the body so much.  Here are some good workouts for
IMC training:

Sa  Long Swim  (4km at race pace)
Su  80 Mile Bike Ride (Hard)  10 min Rest  10 Mile Run (Easy)

Sa  112 Mile Bike Ride (Effort=85%)
Su  15-20 Mile Run (E=70-75%)

Sa Long Swim
Su Overdistance Ride 135 Miles (E=75%)

Sa Long Swim (3-4km race pace)  90 Mile Ride (E=80%)
Su 15 Mile Run (E=70%)

These workouts should be done on non-consecutive weekends
and should be the focus of the weeks training.  These workouts
should be mini-race simulations where you test out the food
you plan on eating during the race and any replacements drinks
which you plan to use or are being served at the race.

The more you know about how your body handles different conditions
the better you will be prepared to deal with these situtions in
a race.  Generally it is best to do a long run after the a long
day of riding as opposed to the reverse as the pounding of the
lower limbs would cause a long cycle the next day to be of less

Also the day after a 2 day session described above should be followed
with a day-off and then 1-3 easy days depending on how you are

Basically you get out of a race usually what you have put into to in
the proceeding months and/or years.


Bert Sandie
MPR Teltech Ltd
Burnaby, BC, Canada


Great Floridian date and location

Post by David Barre » Tue, 13 Sep 1994 22:39:14

Hi all,
        Could someone expand on what is
meant by "Brick Workouts".  More specifically,
what is a Brick, and what is this type of
workout suppose to accomplish?



Great Floridian date and location

Post by D.D.At.. » Wed, 14 Sep 1994 17:45:10


>Hi all,
>    Could someone expand on what is
>meant by "Brick Workouts".  More specifically,
>what is a Brick, and what is this type of
>workout suppose to accomplish?

>    Thanks,
>    Dave

A brick workout is a Bike/Run workout i.e. a triathlon
without the swim. It helps to improve running in a
triathlon (or duathlon). The length of the session
will vary according to the individual and the race distance
they  are training for. It can be an effective but very
demanding session.

Personally for Olympic distance races I prefer to do
a cycle/run/cycle/run/cycle/run/cycle/run session
with distances of 3km cycle and 1km run. It gives your legs
a good workout and gives transition practice as well. It's an
effective way of training in a short space of time as the
whole session only takes about 35 minutes.

Biomechanics Laboratory        
Dept of PE, SS & RM
Loughborough University
United Kingdom