AD: Race Wheels Forsale

AD: Race Wheels Forsale

Post by Steve's Multispor » Sat, 17 Jun 2000 04:00:00

                             Steve's Multisport Wheel Sale!

New training and racing wheelsets.

Spinergy Xtralite 650c Clincher Wheelset:        $499.99
Spinergy Spox 650c Clincher Wheelset:           $599.99

Rolf Vector 650c Clincher Wheelset:               $199.99

Zipp 909 650c Tubular Wheelset:                   $799.99  Disc and Deep
Front Wheel

Hed CX 650c Tubular Wheelset:                    $699.99
Hed CX 700c Tubular Front Wheel:               $299.99

105 Hub/Sun ME-15 Rim 36hole Wheelset:    $155.00  Awesome Training

Used Wheels:

Hed Disc Tubular 700c Freewheel:        $299.99
Hed Disc Tubular 700c Cassette:           $349.99
Hed Trispoke F 700c Tubular:               $299.99

Used Wheels in great shape. Do not include tires or skewers.