First tri in a year...

First tri in a year...

Post by osca » Wed, 29 Aug 2001 23:28:05

I'm back!!  On Sunday I completed my first tri in almost a year, and
laid a few ghosts too.

Let me explain.  London Olympic 1999, my first tri and also the last
time I saw my ex.  She was hoping I'd drown.

London Olympic 2000, I was cycling to the registration on Saturday
afternoon when I got wiped out by a driver who wasn't looking.  This
guy was not only blind and dangerous, he was uninsured, had no licence
and produced a false insurance certificate at the scene of the
accident.  So I was  out of the London Tri and the Dublin Marathon
too, and reduced from being at my fittest to walking with a stick for
a month.  Oh and the case is still dragging on.

My training life went on hold til March.

Then I got the application off to London 2001 and started to think
constructively about it.

Training didn't always go according to plan but was more focussed and
effective than previous years.

Then, four days after Schwingding posts his accident report here, and
four days before the London, I join him in gravel rash hell as I get
wiped again by another blind driver.  Even before I hit the ground I
was thinking "I'm out AGAIN!"  By the Saturday I was feeling good
enough to go and register, figuring I could just go and retrieve my
bike if I was too ropey to take part the next day.  As soon as I got
to that beautiful expo and transition area though I knew that nothing
less than death was going to stop me getting into the water on Sunday.
 I decided to be happy just with completing, and not to think about

And?  A NEW PB!!! Knocked ten minutes off my last time!!!  On a
twistier, winding course and a few days after an accident that had me
sprawled on the tarmac.  I don't get it but it feels really good!

So this note is just to share some of the rewards I'm getting from
this sport, and also to share my gratitude for all the wit, humour,
encouragement, advice, commonality, sarcasm, m***support and laughs
I've been enjoying from these pages.  From my first post in August
1999 to this morning you guys have been showing me what's possible if
I want it hard enough.

Anyway, before I make anyone blush...Strange things at a Triathlon: A
guy competing on a Brompton foldaway (for those of you who might not
have come across one of these: 18 inch wheels, 3 speeds, or five if
you buy the deluxe model, frame height about two feet off the ground,
three foot long seat post, you get the idea...) Respect!

Plus Patrick Barnes, 86 yrs old, wins his age group every year.