swim/bike/run lengths

swim/bike/run lengths

Post by Stephen Sted » Thu, 30 Sep 1993 08:57:14

While I am a swimmer and would love to see a longer swim leg,
we should remember how the distances were arrived at. The
distances were selected because they were standard distances for
that sport,
        1500 meters is the common distance swim
        40K is a common bike time trial
        10K is the distance race in running
Hence the international distance was arrived at. Fairness or equality
were not considered.

Of course, for the Ironman we have
        2.4 miles the Waikiki rough water swim
        112 miles the bike race around Oahu
        26.2 miles the Honolulu Marathon

The sport was not conceived or designed to be fair and equal. The
standard distances from the three sports were simply jammed together.
Accept it and live with it. If you are really a good swimmer try some
open water swims.


swim/bike/run lengths

Post by Tony Aust » Thu, 30 Sep 1993 11:53:36

Of course it is not fair. They have to handicap the swimmers because we
make the best triathaletes.

Mark Allen use to be a San Diego lifegaurd.


(Isn't this kind of argument how the IronMan got started?)


swim/bike/run lengths

Post by John Kruempelstaedt » Fri, 08 Oct 1993 23:53:10

OK, Lets settle this argument once and for all, with...

                      FANTASY TRIATHLON #87


>1.  Lynne Cox: Only person ever to swim from Russia to Alaska.
>On her first English Channel crossing, set the record for both men
>and women.
>--------------------------------        _\/_

>#include <disclaimer.h>                |____|

I thought I would up date this little tidbit.  Joe Oakes just did this
swim about a month ago.  I don't think he technically swam from
Russia to US (visa problems) but he did swim across the bering strait.
For those of you that don't know Joe; he was one of the early Tri
guys.  He's been involved in the sport from early on.  Now in his
60's he finds "interesting" things to do like the swim.  He has
been involved in the "Escape from Alcatraz" as, I believe, a
co- race director.   If you are interested in more cold hard facts
I can find them for you. (I'll ask Joe next time I see him.)

John K.


swim/bike/run lengths

Post by Jeff Holm » Wed, 13 Oct 1993 11:23:15

>but he did swim across the bering strait.

>   If you are interested in more cold hard facts


O.K.  was this pun intentional?