Half Iron Man

Half Iron Man

Post by theodore kel » Tue, 15 Mar 1994 09:16:39

After trying several times to figure out our new editor here at GWU, I'm
hoping this message makes it to the list.

I am looking for advice on training for a half iron man race later this
summer.  I've been competing at the olympic distance for two years and
want to try the longer tri this year.  My plan is to race the Tupper Lake
(NY) race in July so I am also interested in any feedback anyone can offer
on that race.

Let me qualify my request for advice by stating up front that my goal is
to finish--I am not trying to win anything.  What I want to know is how
many miles per week (bike and run) I ought to be putting in to allow me to
be competitive and what sorts of longer distances I should be doing.
Right now, weather permitting, I'm running 25-40 per week and biking 50-80
per week, alternating speed work with slower, steady pace days.  (I'm also
in the pool three days per week).

Finally, I know I'll have to eat during the race, so any recommendations
on working eating into my training will be appreciated.

Mills Kelly
George Washington University


Half Iron Man

Post by Matt Mahon » Wed, 16 Mar 1994 03:04:24


>I am looking for advice on training for a half iron man race later this

Total mileage is not as important as the distance of your long swims,
bikes, and runs.  They should be at least as far as the distance you
are training for.  (You are doing more mileage than I do for an Ironman).

A major difference at the half-iron distance is that you need to focus
on energy conservation as opposed to endurance.  You should take in
as many calories as you can during the event.  Experiment with carbo
drinks and foods during 100 mile bike rides.  If you don't think you can
finish without carbo-depleting, then save your energy for the run and go
easy on the bike.

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