Chest cramps when running after swimming

Chest cramps when running after swimming

Post by Blair Allan Ross » Wed, 15 Jan 1992 16:38:46

Has anyone else experinced this:

I have been experiencing chest pains (cramps?) between the
shoulder blades on training runs a couple hours after swimming.
Sometimes it feels like a cramp right around the heart, but
it is not restricted to the left side only, and lasts for about
the first 15 minutes of my run. I suspect it is due to muscle
fatigue and tightness from swimming. I do about 1.8k in the
pool varied between warm-up, drills, and reps of between
50 - 200 metres.

I used to get lower back pains on runs after I did a fast track
workout, but this is something new to me (being new to tri
training, as it were).