?results of IRONMAN NEW ZEALAND anyone?

?results of IRONMAN NEW ZEALAND anyone?

Post by Richard Spelma » Wed, 06 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Info that I have got on NZ ironman

The weather was  great, they had a perfect swim, Rick wells did 46 mins,
the wind picked up a bit for them on the return bike leg, but nothing to
bad.  Stefan Holzer ( German ) won the race in 8.54, Steve farrell (NZ)
second in 8.58 and Ken Glah third in 9.02, Ken got two punctures and lost
13 minutes on the bike.  Jan ***lyn ( Ken's wife ) won the women's race
in 9.55 with Jenny Rose second in 10.05. Rick wells and Scott Balance
both pulled out on the bike.  The second Kiwi was Tony OHagan in around