Event Calendar Needs Events

Event Calendar Needs Events

Post by CalKeep » Sat, 30 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hello From Off The Back Fitness Event Calendar.

        We are always looking for new events to add to the
calendar so if your club or organization is holding an event that
has anything to do with fitness.  Please fill out the form below and
mail it back to me.  The calendar can be requested by sending

in the message.  This form can be requested by sending E-mail to

        Please feel free to pass this information along
to anyone you feel would be interested in this type of
service. I hope to hear from you soon.

Event Information form

[ ]Running    [ ]Bicycle Race    [ ]Bicycle Tour
[ ]Triathlon  [ ]Walking         [ ]Other:_______________  

Event Name: ________________________________________________

Dates From:_______________________ TO:______________________

Distances:________________________ Start Time:______________

Please Rate your terrain 1 to 5:____ (5 being all hills)


Street Address:____________________________________________

City:___________________________ State:______ Zip:___________

Contact Person:________________________ Phone:  (____)_________________

Should your contact phone be listed in the database?  [ ]No [ ]Yes

Please feel free to include a half page description of your event.

Please mail to:

Off The Back
P.O. Box  842
Michigan Center, MI   49254-0842
Fax to: (517) 764-4106
Or Log-on at (517) 764-4106 and fill this out
on-line use  Offback guest  as a user name and guest  as a password

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