Triathlon 10km run

Triathlon 10km run

Post by Matt Mahon » Fri, 27 Sep 1991 02:28:38

 (Eric D. Harrigan) writes:

>I am an aspiring triathlete and am looking for information
>on improving the 10 km run that follows the bike and swim in
>an Olympic triathlon.  Is there anyone out there that could
>suggest suitable tips or programmes ??  I would greatly            
>appreciate any information offered.

Its normal to run slower in a triathlon than in a race.  For me, the
difference is about 1 minute in a 5K or 3 minutes in a 10K.  Some of
this might be due to Florida weather.  At 7:00 AM, when most summer races
start, its normally 75-78 degrees and 90-100% humidity.  By the time
I start running in an Olympic triathlon, its sunny, 82-88 degrees, and
70-90% humidity.  (Summer is May through October).

I find I can avoid the "cement legs" sensation by slowing by 1-2 MPH
for the last mile of the bike.  During this time, I stretch my hamstrings
and calves by standing on the pedals in the 3 and 9 o'clock position and
leaning over the handlebars, pointing my rear toe up.  I hold the stretch
about 5 seconds, pedal some, then repeat with the other leg.  I also
stretch my quads in the transition area (about 5 seconds).

This method costs about 15 seconds on the bike, but saves me a minute in
the run.  It works even though I don't train for bike-run "bricks".


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