Adidas Response Trail Running Shoes: Brief "Review"

Adidas Response Trail Running Shoes: Brief "Review"

Post by Rolf Aran » Tue, 14 May 1996 04:00:00

Having been faithful to New Balance for a while, I heard
many good things about the above-mentioned shoes.  I have
been anxious to try them on real trails.  I did.  

The shoes are tremendous!  Not only did they provide "riding
on rails" stability to my feet and lower legs, they had
tremendous cushioning from rocks and such into the
bottom of my feet.  

I ran a long trail run a few weeks ago in a road shoe, and nearly
had my ankles twisted apart.  The Adidas shoe has a "roll bar" like
attachment on the back of the heel, along with a very pronounced
heel counter stability device.  These two devices, among other things,
kept my feet very well planted.  The tread on the bottom handled
some slippery mud-covered downhills with ease.

I am impressed.  

   Rolf "Ironman" Arands, Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering)
  Dept. of Chem. and Biochem. Eng'g, Rutgers University
 --These are my highly opinionated views, not Rutgers'--


Adidas Response Trail Running Shoes: Brief "Review"

Post by Jordan Smit » Wed, 15 May 1996 04:00:00

My first pair of RTs two years ago were very different from
the new ones I just bought. The old ones were next to
impossible to get into quickly (no split tongue), and
*extremely* hard to get into when wet. However, once on they
stuck to the foot like glue. Awesome. Except the laces were
quite redundant (I took mine out). Dumb to  wear them on a
plane if yer feet swell--they got tight and painful (and if
your feet were wet *and* swollen, you might as well have
walked barefoot).

The new RTs seem lighter than the old ones, but don't fit as
snugly. The side-split tongue makes them easier to put on.
Compared to the old version, they don't feel as secure but do
feel springier. Compared to any other shoe they're still
awesome. The RT Lite was way too loose for me; it slipped off
my foot easily even with the laces tied tightly. Hmmm.

I use the RTs for training. Out in weasel-poop country where I
live you need a sturdy shoe--few of the good running roads are
paved. I love the RTs in mud and slime, and I'm looking
forward to  racing in them at Powerman Colorado. The little
mud flap on the heel seems to improve downhilling on slippery
stuff, but I'd prefer a more aggressive tread on the heel,
ball and toe.