"Donna Peters European tour 95" fanclub, STEIN half ironman

"Donna Peters European tour 95" fanclub, STEIN half ironman

Post by Ivar Brinkm » Wed, 05 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Donna is in preparation for the Roth (Germany) Ironman on July 9 and
made an appearance at the =half-ironman race in Stein, the
Netherlands. The 13th edition of this top-class race proved cumbersome
for Donna.  Be it noted that she was saving herself for the Ironman
next week.
The swim was cut short by cause of a buoy having disappeared and that
made a world of difference forthe rest of the race. In the men'sfield
Dutch champ Dennis Looze was caught early on the bike by Dimitr Gaag
of Russia who went on to win the race with an incredible 1.03 on the
20 K. Yes you ar eading that correctly, he litterally zoomed by me on
his last of the 4 5K laps. Looze came in 2nd and LD world champ Rob
Barel 3rd.

As regards Donna. I was alittle surprised to see her purple cap not
far from mine at the end of the swim, not aware that it was short by
about a K.  Her stroke and her times  have  improved since she first
started pluoghing the waters though.

Any way, onthe bike D. proved to be awesome, riding a 40K pace on the
flats in an almost perfect aero-position on her Beamer bike. It must
be noted though that on the 2 climbs  in each round -short but very
steep hills- she lost a lot of time on me. It could not have been her
gearing , perhaps she was just a little lazy coming out of the saddle
and  applying herself. The same thing goes for the corners , she just
would not shift back and accelerate propery out of the corner - a
problem that many triathletes share.  Any way, then I flatted and did
not see Donna 's back profile again. The course was very wet and
descents tricky and there were quite a few casualties. Her run was
so-so ,1.23 and she came in 6thoverall. Janine de Ruysscher of BElgium
won in 4 hours flat.

I am eager to hear a similar report on Donna's performance in Roth ,
which is the major Ironman event in germany. I think that if she saves
herself properly she could be top three, and  that woulds be a serious
break for her.Roth is known for the ultrafast bike course because of
the long descents. With her skills on the bike that could really make
a difference.

Hope someone will continue this coverage- we are in global sports
village after all!

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