PB's New Zealand Ironman Triathlon Training Diary: Week 2 of 12

PB's New Zealand Ironman Triathlon Training Diary: Week 2 of 12

Post by Paul Wilso » Tue, 29 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hello Everyone

Here is the second edition of my Ironman NZ Training Diary. Thanks for
the comments so far. Please feel free to suggest, scorn or generally
give me any feedback on how you think I am progressing.

I am willing to try most things at least once!

Regards, PB

               Swim            Bike               Run
                mtr  hrs        km     hrs         km  hrs
Mon 21 Dec     1500  0:35.00                      3.4  0:16.00
Tue 22 Dec                      35.19  1:18.57
Wed 23 Dec     1800  0:45.00                      6.8  0:30.56
Thu 24 Dec     1000  0:30.00    42.97  1:27.24    6.8  0:32.33
Fri 25 Dec                      34.60  1:13.33
Sat 26 Dec
Sun 27 Dec

TOTALS         4300  1:40.00   112.76  3:59.54   17.0  1:19.29

Training Days   5
Sessions        9
Training Time   6:59.23 hrs
Avg. Weight     82.8 kg

I know it is not seven days since the last diary was posted but it has
been seven more days for me to contemplate the task at hand. With the
Christmas season firmly upon us it was a bit easier to make excuses and
harder to do the right thing training wise.

So, this week started off not too badly. But it got progressively worse
and ended up being a dismal disgrace! To recap, my plan is three
sessions per week in each discipline with a long swim (Fri), bike (Sat)
and run (Sun).

As it turned out, my swimming was ok for the week. The pool was closed
on Friday (Christmas) but I was happy to reschedule swim for Saturday
after my long ride. But I ended up doing *none* of my key long sessions
this week.

On Wednesday and Thursday we had 37 degree (100+ fahrenheit)
temperatures and so my runs were short - to the pool and back. My
mid-week rides were ridden at a fair pace. I was happy with them.

The weekend, however, saw temperatures plummet to the mid-***s with
high winds, so I wussed the bike on Saturday and, after commentating at
a triathlon on Sunday which ended up being cancelled due to poor weather
I opted not to get out and run either.

I cannot afford to do this very often but since I have this whole week
off I plan to make up for it with a couple of long sessions in week 3.

This week will be a key one as the whole week off should allow me to set
up a nice base for the weeks ahead.

Until next time.

PB  :-)